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REQUEST: Shawn Michaels’ pants transition
It’s been said through the rumor mill (if you find the quote from the horse’s mouth then 100+ pts) that HBK’s switch in 2005 from those heartbreaking tights to the faithful leather pants is because of the following (choose which one makes the most sense to you): he wanted to update his look to stay fresh with the times; he was self-conscious about his tights highlighting the skinniness of his legs after surgeries; he wanted to change pattern and symbol designs and realized pants would work better with the new designs; and finally, because pants hid his knee brace(s) the best.

#shawn michaels #wwe superstars #jakeskullington #requests #i hope this is what you meant by detailing lol #i was interested in this too when i first noticed it #i like his leather pants better oops

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